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Night after night

National Night-Service

We deliver packages all across Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. From 5pm onwards we load them up at the specified location and deliver them no later than 5am the next morning. 10pm is the cut-off time. Standard shipments can be up to 3m long and weigh 200kg. Watches, precious metals, securities and medication are excluded from our night services.

International Night-Service

You are well connected throughout Europe thanks to our extensive network. We even guarantee delivery by 5pm for international shipments. We set the cut-off time. So, for example, we pick up your spare parts at 2pm in the south of Holland and deliver them into the back of your service vehicle by 4.30pm the following day in Ilanz. Your greatest advantage: our service includes the clearance at customs.

ESLA - At home in Europe

Four letters, one claim: ESLA stands for European Logistics Association and therefore high-quality express night services in 20 European countries. In 2012, we were the first and only Swiss company to join this network of express overnight professionals, so that its benefits have also become your benefits: highest quality, utmost punctuality and value-added solutions - all across Europe.

Terms & Rates

Our terms and conditions are a part of this collaboration. You can download them here. You can also view our current rates for yourself here.

Conciliation Body

Quali-Night AG is the provider of postal services under the terms of the Postal Law and Postal Ordinance. The Conciliation Body is therefore responsible for mediating between the customer and the provider of postal services in cases of civil-law disputes. For more information, please visit www.ombud-postcom.ch/schlichtungsstelle/.