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At the heart of darkness

In the night, we take over the management of your business, all you have to do is enjoy your rest. Learn efficiency the Quali-Night way with the following example of the journey of a lambda sensor from Germany:

14.30 Our driver leaves Schaffhausen.
17.00 Arrival at our central spare parts warehouse in southern Germany. The prepared packages are unloaded.
18.00 Our truck leaves the warehouse in Germany. T2 and all the customs documentation are completed by the Quali-Night forwarding agent.
18.00 The packing list arrives online in our scheduling. This sets out the planned route.
20.30 The spare parts reach Schaffhausen. We take care of the night customs clearance.
22.30 Arrival at our centre in Köliken. The consignment is carefully unloaded and electronically recorded. The gentle conveyor belts transfer it automatically to the vehicle on the delivery route.
23.00 The driver leaves Kölliken.
06.30 Visp: The Quali-Night driver leaves the lambda sensor in a lockable box in the specified workshop.
07.00 The workshop boss can get started.