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Planzer Group introduces blind spot safety labels on its fleet of lorries -

The Planzer Group has put blind spot safety labels on its fleet of lorries

As a 100% family-run business, the subject of road safety has always been particularly close to Planzer’s heart. That is why Planzer, with the help of specially trained instructors, has been teaching primary school children for many years about the implications of a driver’s blind spot at various Planzer locations throughout Switzerland. As an additional preventive measure, in April 2014, the Planzer Group has put an eye-catching yellow safety notice on the majority of its fleet, totalling several hundred lorries across Switzerland.

Although accidents involving lorries and their blind spot are fortunately not very common statistically speaking, they can nonetheless be the cause of great suffering to both the injured party and the driver. Planzer has been implementing an active internal and external preventive campaign for many years in an effort to avoid these sad instances.

In this campaign to raise the awareness of a lorry’s blind spot, over 3,000 pupils every year get to experience the driver's actual perspective in the cab of a real lorry. They experience first hand how all their classmates disappear in the blind spot in one fell swoop. A memorable experience through which they can understand and respect the dangers created by blind spots. As a result, the experience is not so easily forgotten.

The Planzer Group is now going one step further in its commitment to road safety. The eye-catching yellow safety labels, designed by Planzer, will be affixed to several hundred vehicles in the group’s fleet in the coming weeks. These will remind the road users behind the lorry not to stop right next to or behind the lorry, and not to overtake it.

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Quali-Night celebrates its 20th Birthday! -

Quali-Night celebrates its 20th Birthday!

In 1994, Planzer and Galliker Transport AG, with the addition of Camion Transport AG four years later, laid the foundation for our successful company history. This unique collaboration between the three competitors across Switzerland did not just raise a few eyebrows, but it soon turned out to be a brilliant move. By harnessing their synergies, the extensive transport know-how of the partners and the tireless efforts of all the staff, one of the largest and highest quality night service providers in Switzerland has evolved over the last two decades.

At first it was predominantly used by the automotive industry dealing in spare parts, but the innight transport services quickly spread to other sectors meaning that more and more companies could benefit from faster turnaround times in their value chains. That is how Quali-Night, initially operating from a converted export warehouse in Altishofen, in Lucerne, soon became a key player in innight transport in Switzerland. Today, our company, based in Kölliken, in Aargau, since 2009, employs approximately 70 people. Drivers, warehouse employees, dispatchers and administrative management who turn the night into day for you.

The added value for our customers speaks for itself: Making the night work for them whilst they recharge their batteries so they can successfully run their own business; giving them more time in the day for their own customers, and last but not least, thanks to the Time-to-Market principle, there is no more need for resource and capital intensive stocks. So companies can pave the way for new, profitable business investments. These are the arguments that have convinced our loyal customers from the beginning and still inspire them to this day.

For our 20th anniversary we have put together a special 20-page magazine, which shows the main stages in the development of our company, recounts numerous interesting stories and gives a sneak preview into the ventures of the future. The operator trio also feature in this anniversary edition, and they are represented by Nils Planzer, Rolf Galliker and Joseph Jäger.

Order your copy today by sending an e-mail to info@quali-night.ch, RE. „Anniversary Magazine".

Your Quali-Night Team

regiolive - Interview mit QN Mitarbeiter -

"Die Tage werden unterschieden, aber die Nacht hat einen einzigen Namen." Elias Canetti

In der Ausgabe von dem regiolive Magazin wurden Interviews mit Menschen durchgeführt, welche in der Nacht arbeiten. Unter anderem wurde auch Guido Wirz, der Lagerumschlagsleiter von der Firma Quali-Night AG interviewt.

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New website online! -

Quali-Night launches its new website

On 20 September 2013 the night courier from Kölliken launches its new website in German, French, Italian and English. Primarily designed in the company‘s colours, yellow and blue, the new appearance is visually very strong, and the content has been cleaned up to focus purely on the essential.

Innovative strength, speed and transparency are the core values of Quali-Night AG. These attributes should

also be reflected in the company website. That is why, these experts in overnight transport decided to tackle the redesigning of their website in the summer of 2013. Within a few months, they had already defined the design, structure and content, produced concise and relevant text, and then finally everything was ingeniously programmed.

Visitors can now enjoy the direct access from the website to the electronic tracking platform, Track & Trace, via a navigation bar in the form of a barcode scanning strip. This design element was deliberately chosen because the scanning process has been a constant feature in Quali-Night’s working process and can perhaps even be considered as the most essential factor. Thanks to the scanning, consignments can be electronically found and tracked at any time. An added value that the customers of the night-service courier have been happily able to rely on for a long time.

The user can find all the information that is pertinent to them under the headings of Added Value, Innovation, People, Solutions and Contact. All the relevant content is displayed, from the services offered, including spe

cial solutions and the resulting added value for customers, process descriptions, right up to the presentation of the team and job opportunities.

Quali-Night wird ESLA Partner -

ESLA nun mit 20 Ländern eines der grössten europäischen Night-Service-Netzwerke

Der Ausbau des europäischen Netzwerkes European Service Logistics Association, kurz ESLA, schreitet weiter voran. Mit der Quali-Night AG erweitert ESLA seinen Nachttransport-Service auf die Schweiz und das Fürstentum Liechtenstein. Die Quali-Night AG ist das Nacht-Dienstleistungsangebot der drei renommierten Transportunternehmen Camion Transport AG, Galliker Transport AG und der Planzer Transport AG. In das ESLA Board wurde Fridolin Landolt, Geschäftsleitung der Planzer Transport AG, berufen.